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Training locally for local disasters



Soulsafe’s mission is to educate individuals, businesses, non-profits, and churches on the negative effects of extreme stress to a person’s body, mind and spirit and provide positive and effective pathways that promote healing for victims and tools for the caring community to come alongside victims more effectively.

Soulsafe offered their services to come into our children’s home in Haiti where we have a number of children that have been rescued from extreme poverty, emotional, physical and sexual abuse as well as child slavery. 


They were able to help train and equip our staff with basic knowledge and materials to help and encourage our children as they move forward in their healing and spiritual growth. They also worked with our kids to help prepare their hearts for some healthy interaction with others and relationship building with God. 


Tracy Kote

Co-Director of the Freedom House Haiti


Soulsafe was born in the week after the April 15, 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. Soulsafe Founder and  Executive Director, Natalie Larson, realized that the church was an untapped resource for coming alongside those who have been deeply affected by a critical incident.


Christians throughout New England were asking to help but there was no organized pathway for deployment and more importantly, there was ignorance on offering effective help. People WANT to help in the aftermath of a traumatic event, but are often ill-equipped and therefore can potentially do more harm than the good they wish to offer.

Natalie Larson was trained in Critical Incident Stress Management shortly after the September 11th attacks on the East Coast. She received further training in Peer to Peer Debriefing but was either never activated by the training organization or call-outs for volunteers were in cities far away requiring resources that she did not have for travel expenses. She felt deep frustration that her compassion, training, and skills were not being utilized.

That’s when she realized that an organization that could train and connect the church with reaching those in the aftermath of trauma would fill a need and Soulsafe was born.

Trauma can happen anywhere, anytime, to anyone
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