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Soulsafe has been training businesses and churches for a number of years. See below for some of the feedback from these powerful trainings.

Soulsafe offered their services to come into our children’s home in Haiti where we have a number of children that have been rescued from extreme poverty, emotional, physical and sexual abuse as well as child slavery. 


They were able to help train and equip our staff with basic knowledge and materials to help and encourage our children as they move forward in their healing and spiritual growth. They also worked with our kids to help prepare their hearts for some healthy interaction with others and relationship building with God. 


Since Soulsafe has come to our home we have seen major growth within our children. Recently 8 of them gave their hearts to the Lord and were baptized. I am positive there will be many more to follow because of this healing that has begun and kept on growing through organizations like Soulsafe. 


Tracy Kote

Co-Director of the Freedom House Haiti

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