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For Businesses

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Soulsafe Basic for the Business Community has been successfully taught in the business environment keeping the emphasis on the physiological and psychological effects of trauma on a victim and healthy ways to bring healing and hope into life-threatening situations.

Soulsafe offers training for businesses and 1:1 coaching for individuals who need tools for stress management. Soulsafe uses the Cerny Smith Stress Assessment tool when coaching individuals for stress management. Click below to find out more.

Business training
The Benefits of Training for Businesses

Trauma can happen to anyone at any time. This can affect an employee's ability to perform how they want to. Soulsafe can help you support your employee's emotional and mental well-being so they can be at their best.  

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Soulsafe trainings provide participants with simple debriefing strategies, breathing techniques, and how to protect against secondary traumatic stress in the workplace.  

Trainings are held at your workplace and all materials are included in the cost.  Soulsafe will adjust our training to your time constraints, but our workshops are optimally presented in either a 4 hour Psychological First Aid Workshop or a 2 hour Stress Management in the Workplace Workshop.


Step 1. Decide what time frame your training should take place.


Step 2. Decide if you will hold a 4 hour Soulsafe Basic Training in Psychological First Aid or a 2 hour training in Stress Management Tools for the Workplace


Step 3. Call 603-361-3922 and get that training date on the Soulsafe calendar


Step 4. Enjoy confidence in knowing you are promoting the well being of your staff and organization.

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