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Tragic things happen every day to people we care about.  We doubt our ability to help.  Soulsafe trains you in practical ways to reduce and manage extreme stress.  Soulsafe offers workshops that help you confidently comfort someone who has just experienced a crisis.

Training for Churches & Ministries

Traumatic Response Prayer Teams (TRPT)

Church Training
Training for Churches & Ministries

A crisis can happen in your congregation or community at any time to anyone. People in your congregation are experiencing it today. Church congregations may want to help but might not know how. Soulsafe can help train members of your church to understand how to respond and pray for others in trauma. 

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Step 1. Decide what time frame your training should take place


Step 2. Decide if you will hold a one day Soulsafe Basic Psychological and Spiritual First Aid Workshop for your church only or if you will open it up to other churches in your community.


Step 3. Call 603-361-3922 and get that training date on the Soulsafe calendar as well as ideas for promoting your workshop to your church and community.


Step 4. After Soulsafe Basic is completed, decide if you would like to form a Traumatic Response Prayer Team at your church.


Step 5. Experience joy knowing that you are providing training that promotes the health of your church and your community. Your church will stand out as a place of healing to those who have experienced trauma. 

Respose Teams
Traumatic Response Prayer Teams
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Soulsafe believes that God’s people are uniquely called to respond to the emotional and spiritual needs that people experience during a traumatic event. 


A tragedy can occur at any time, to anyone, anywhere.  A pastor can become overwhelmed by the level of need that is present within the congregation. Soulsafe provides training for a team of people that are identified by the pastoral staff as being people of prayer, spiritually mature and emotionally healthy to form a Traumatic Response Prayer Team within their congregation.  After completing Soulsafe Basic, this team will have additional training in Immanuel Prayer (a model of prayer specifically used for those who have suffered a trauma), learn suicide prevention and postvention, practice psychological and spiritual first aid, and become attuned to their own vulnerability as a helper.   The pastor can now activate this team to assist in responding to crises that happen within the church.


Any individual member of a Traumatic Response Prayer Team who feels called to responding to critical events outside of their own church is able to be considered for participation in the Soulsafe TRPT.  The goal is to establish Soulsafe TRPT’s throughout NH and then begin branching out throughout New England. Regular training with the same group establishes kinship and authenticity.  Each team can easily recognize team strengths and weaknesses.  Regular training establishes a common language and team safety for any activation that may occur.  Soulsafe activates the teams to respond - teams NEVER activate themselves.  There is a structure and accountability to being on a Soulsafe TRPT.  This keeps those we are seeking to serve safer and it increases the safety of our volunteers.

Soulsafe is activated by local Public Health and NH VOAD (Volunteer Organizations Activated During Disasters) in the event of a widespread disaster taxing the resources of the state.   

Soulsafe has a vision for establishing TRPT’s throughout NH and then branching out throughout New England.

If you are interested in becoming part of this growing network of first responders, please contact Natalie Larson at or call 603-361-3922.

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